Russia is a beautiful country that looks mysterious in winter under the shining snow as well as breathtaking in summer surrounded with green forests. This experience can be the trip of your life but many people kill the idea to visit Russia due to visa issues.

You shouldn’t be scared anymore. If you apply for tourist visa, you don’t need big amount of documents and it’s easy to make them. The documents can be different for various countries. You can find an information about them at the official web-sites of Russian visa centers in your country. If you are the citizen of EU, the UK or the USA, you can find visa centers in your country here.

How to get an invitation letter

The document that is needed for most of countries is an invitation letter. It’s sometimes problematic to find an organization that can provide you a high level service and be cheap. AEGEE-Moskva entered with partnership with the company BPL Technologies that makes discounts for AEGEE members and their friends who wants to visit Russia.


According to the agreement, AEGEE-Moskva has a discount for AEGEE members and their friends. The price for the EU, Turkish and The UK citizens is 1200 rub per traveler: it’s the price for a single invitation letter if the person wants to visit Russia without a goal to join an AEGEE event. The price can vary for people with another citizenship.

The service

The invitation letter consists of two parts: the confirmation and the voucher and also contains information about the purpose of your trip, your itinerary, the hotel you are staying at and your passport details. The duration of your stay cannot exceed 30 days.

You need to download the form HERE, fill it and send to our email. We will contact you and send the link to the online form, where you can check all your details and pay for it online. The person who sent all and payed for the service will get the document directly to his\her email maximum in 24 hours. There are also options to get it by fax or by post for an additional payment that varies from country to country.


Download the form HERE, fill it and send to our email.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.