Transsiberian DREAM

Legendary Summer University with 8-years history, organized by AEGEE-Moskva. 18 days, 35 participants, half of year of organization work, 6000 km by train from St. Petersburg ’till Baikal lake. The hardest, longest and most expensive Summer University in AEGEE.


NYE Capital Cities

Winter University, organized by AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Kyiv together. The project starts in Moscow and ends in Kiev.


The Fellowship of the Golden Ring

Event organized by AEGEE-Moskva that goes through the cities of the Golden Circle of Russia. 7 days and 7 cities. The project is very young: it was organized in 2016 first time.


Local activities

AEGEE-Moskva is active antennae with a lot of various local events during the year.

We’ve got several training cources. The biggest one is “Skills Scool“: it’s a sequence of 4 days of soft-skills trainings during the month. We organize LTC1 and LTC2 yearly (local training cources). Every autumn we organize “European Day of Languages“. It’s a day of languages workshops and trainings.

There is a lot of local events in AEGEE-Moskva like travelling to other cities, visiting different events in Moscow and neighbors and partying on somebody’s dacha.

We are always welcome to our friends from Europe to join our activities ;)